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About us

Kahn Technology Ltd is incorporated in the United Kingdom with the registration number 11073626 and registered address at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX with it main business focus in business and domestic software development.

Kahn Technology Ltd team members come from different management and software engineer disciplines, but our common faith in cryptocurrencies has brought us together. We are all strong believers in the future of blockchain technology and we love being part of this growing community!

We are committed to creating a fully professional, legal, and qualified social media app and global payment system based on the blockchain technology community through our cooperation with third parties, other blockchain communities, developers, and financial institutions.

As a team, our main goal is to innovate the experience of using social media and virtual currency in everyday life by incorporating it into social media, network, payment and Internet industries, gaming, product management, business, and finance.

Our foundation, therefore, is the perfect ecosystem to build, foster, and bring real world social media applications called the ‘KahnChat App’ into Blockchain technology. Given the current terrain in social media networks and payment platforms, there are a lot of social media platforms and payment industries that are now in circulation and which base their application on the Blockchain systems. Hence, the present market relies on the peer-to-peer payment transfers with proof of security and transparency.

Purpose of KahnChat ICO

The main purpose behind the KahnChat Initial Coin Offer (ICO) is to commence the research and development needed to develop the social media app using Blockchain technology whilst raising capital for the application of the Payment Institution License required needed for the digital wallet payment system.

A successful ICO will provide more opportunity to take in more software engineers needed to develop the various features as stated in this white paper. It will also allow us to deploy more effective marketing techniques and promotion strategies to launch the KahnChat app simultaneously in different countries.

We are confident that the KahnChat app will turn out to become one of the best social media apps in the global market. With its social media and payment processing features, there are a whole lot of capabilities that can come from using the app both for personal use and for business use.


Compared with other social media, KahnChat allows businesses and artists to open an account and gain followers on the platform. Businesses and artists can send messages to the followers and get steady engagement and links from them.

This development will commence as soon as the ICO campaign is concluded. Kahn Technology Ltd believes that the future of blockchain technology holds so much potential and plans to set up the first prototype of the KahnChat app in the next 6 to 7 months with standard technology. This launch will enable users to experience the app’s workflow while the teams continues with the development of the main version of the KahnChat app for a future release in blockchain technology.

The KahnChat app incorporates more than just normal chat features associated with most communication apps, it is a one-stop app for every user between the ages of 18-65 years. The app can be used for messaging via text, voice, video, paying bills and funds transfer, order payments, user-story sharing and for increasing fans and follows of business and public figures.

User features include being able to add your friends from the address book either or by scanning a person’s QR code and life stories can also be shared by users in the form of pictures, video with comments, created groups, inviting friends to groups, following famous artist by scanning the public figures’ public QR code to get the latest updates and news.

Users can also follow various businesses just by scanning its public QR code to receive a discount voucher, special promotion package and other extras.

The app also allows the payment of utility bills using the major cryptocurrencies, debit and credit cards and normal bank accounts.

Cryptocurrencies can be purchased directly from the app using a debit or credit card or by transferring funds from a bank account.

Its business features offer business owners the leverage to grow their customer base simply by displaying their apps QR code for customers to scan and follow up their business activities.

Messages posted on the business page will automatically send Push Notifications to all their followers without a hassle. Discount voucher, special deals or packages can be issued all in one piece. Payments from users can be received both in fiat currencies and major cryptocurrencies.

Once funds are received and confirmed, they are available to be used for payments. Transactions done on the KahnChat app will enjoy the lowest transaction fees of 0.6% per transaction to increase business revenue.

Funds transfer has never been so easy and all a user needs to do is to select a user from his contact list, enter the amount to transfer and confirm the transaction using the two factors security method.


Dr. Ulrich

Dr. Ulrich Hatje

Founded the company Algorithmix GmbH in 1997 till now, dedicated to develop high-end, highly efficient DSP algorithms, PC software and Ethereum blockchain

David Kan

Mr. David Kan

10+ years of industry experience analysing systems and developing strategic solutions which lead to workflow optimisation and cost savings.


Guowei Zou
Senior Engineer

Computer Science


Haiyu Zhang
Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Computer Science


Junfeng Liu
Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Computer Science
Node.js, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript


Weijian Zhang
Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Computer Science
Node.js, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript

Dr. David Meszaros<br>Legal Advisor

Dr. David Meszaros
Legal Advisor

Doctor of Law (J.D.)
International lawyer specialised in M&A, international commercial transactions and arbitration.

Mr. Srdjan Veselinovic<br>Legal Advisor

Mr. Srdjan Veselinovic
Legal Advisor

LL.M. (The Masters of Law) specialized in international, business, contract and family law under U.S., U.K. and Russian jurisdiction.

Anthony Xu<br>Software Advisor

Anthony Xu
Software Advisor

CEO of Lepu Technology
A CEO of Lepu Technology with 20+ software engineers. Specialised in mobile e-commerce solutions, operations services, user interface design and custom development.

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